Ana Leovy is a Mexico City based figurative painter whose contemporary portraits celebrate international female empowerment. Working with acrylic, gouache and watercolour, Ana liberates the female form through expressive shape and vivid colour. Her portraits seek to disrupt societal female stereotypes by exemplifying the strength, confidence and diversification of women around the world. Alluding to the bohemian culture of fashion, flora and simple life pleasures, Ana’s artistic style stems from her own personal experiences, suchlike the people she meets at her local flower shop around the corner. She then reinterprets her day-to-day interactions to create a brilliant new world, equally admiring a woman’s internal and external beauty. Her artworks have been featured in Man Repeller, The Jungalow and various progressive fashion platforms.

Having lived in the Caribbean for many years, there is definitely a tropical influence on my artwork. I love vibrant colours, nature, culture and fashion. I try to incorporate all of these elements in my pieces. What I love about art is bringing characters to life. I intend to represent strong, confident women living in vibrant worlds, which are often a fusion between real life and my imagination.
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