Andree Martis is visual artist and photographer from Lisbon, Portugal, currently working on various photographic projects surrounding spirituality and body expression in her studio in London. Exploring what she coins as the “superlunary feminine gaze”, Andree’s photographs unearth femininity in all of its visceral complexities through movement, colour and arresting landscapes. Body empowerment and enlightened spirituality are two common themes throughout Andree’s work, as she uses bold contrasts and introspective expression to tell the story of one’s attainment of a higher self. It is an intimate look into the ethereal bond between the female and the wild: a celebration of the mystical modern woman as she navigates her identity, relationships and surroundings with a powerful gusto.

The driven message behind my work is the discovery of how faith and spirituality coexist to bring insight and awareness through personal experience in the body. I believe that equality, freedom and empowerment can be found through our own connection with our physicality.
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