Born and raised in Quimper, Brittany, Nathalie received a Bachelors in Visual Communication, and later a degree in Interactive Multimedia in Paris, 1999. After spending a year observing the alluring art circles of New York and California, Nathalie moved to Orlando, Florida to pursue her own path in art with a specialisation in oil pastels on paper. Over the span of a decade, Nathalie developed and perfected a comprehensive artistry in geometric line and boundless colour. Drawing inspiration from her childhood, family and domestic spaces, Nathalie illustrates her personal collection of treasured reminiscence through abstractive forms and playful compositions. Her work is a rich entwinement of spatial design and imagination.

NathalieChikhiArtistScratch copy.jpg
I consider myself as an outsider, as I did some art studies in France and moved to central Florida to focus on my work. I worked in graphic design and multimedia before dedicating my time fully to my art. Pushing away the idea to be an artist for many years and finally coming back to it, I’m doing the things my own way and drawing (both literally and figuratively) my own path.
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