Vesna Vrdoljak is a collage artist living and working in Amsterdam. Graduating with a masters degree in European Film and Aesthetics, Vesna initially toiled in film production, distribution and marketing, until she began experimenting with hand-cut collage in 2012. Her creative process is a blend of magazines, old photographs and ambiguous reconstruction through minute shifts in layered compositions. By slightly rearranging the layers of her collages, Vesna distorts the image’s traditional roots to convey a newly created dimension. Imbued with beauty and escapism, Vesna’s work plays off both the desire for the familiarity and the avant-garde; it is an open invitation to explore a new atmospheric plane within her work, rather than search for a definitive meaning.

My collages are about beauty and escapism. The pure aesthetics of composition and color combinations can be very satisfying to me.
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