We’re Fount art.textile – a Miami born, Manchester raised, London based online art and textile collective, here to connect the world with fresh contemporary art and design.

Founded in 2016, Fount was created to break free from the traditional gallery structure. We focus less on exclusivity, and more on developing an intimate connection between the viewer and the artist.

Our mission is to creatively explore the relationship between visual art and functional design to provide a one of a kind online experience for the new age art enthusiast.

We specially curate original artworks, limited edition prints and handmade textile products, sourced from independent artists and designers around the world.

Staying true to the voice of the artist, our pieces are tailored to elevate your most cherished spaces, all with a special story to tell.




We put the artist at the forefront of our creative efforts; they are our curators, mentors and colleagues.

The artists personally narrate each and every one of the artworks and textile products we sell on Fount. We give them complete curatorial freedom to share their introspective, creative story alongside each work.

We collaborate with each of our visual artists and textile designers to promote and exhibit their work on social media and online, offering complimentary social media art exhibitions and designer showcases, as well as offer business consulting for professional career development.

On each of the artist and designer pages, you’ll find a donation link to help give back to their practice and fund their studio expenses. Any and all support is appreciated beyond measure. 


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