Katherine Plumb (‘KJP’) is a textile designer and screen printer from south London, primarily working with printed textiles for interiors. Since graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2016, Katherine has launched her own design label ‘KJP’, and moved her studio to Stockholm, Sweden. Always starting the design process by hand, Katherine works with cut paper collage to create emboldened, miscellaneous landscapes of block colour and eccentric pattern. She then translates her designs onto a screen, and hand prints her work from screen onto fabric. Her picturesque compositions and free-form colour choices makes Katherine’s textile products a welcomed addition to any space.

When I was at college, I was only interested in making textiles as art, inspired by the likes of Eva Hesse and Agnes Martin. Then at university, I realised that I loved being able to design textiles and make anything into a repeat pattern that could actually have functional use. Today, I’ve managed to find a middle ground between the two styles, creating something entirely my own.
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