Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I buy from Fount art.textile?

We have built our art and textile collective from the ground up, with a special focus on carefully curated artworks and textile products from around the world. Our artists and designers are individually chosen for their exceptional artistic ability, relentless work ethic and sophisticated aesthetic. Unlike other online art platforms, we showcase only a handful of talented artists at a time to provide a personal and interactive buying experience. The best part? Purchasing your work from Fount means you’re actively taking part in the support and evolution of our artists’ and designers’ professional careers. To learn more about us, click here.


What is an original artwork?

An original artwork is an entirely unique, handmade artwork created by an artist. It stands as a one-of-a-kind work. 


What is a limited edition print?

A limited edition print is a controlled reproduction of an original artwork. It is usually one of a set (or “edition size”) of identical prints. The size of the edition can range significantly, however we keep our limited edition prints between edition sizes of 15-25. By working with small edition sizes, we ensure the value and rarity of each print. You can find the edition number of your limited edition print on the opposite side of the print.  


Why are your limited edition prints not standard size prints?

We calculate the three different sizes of our limited edition prints based on the equivalent dimensions of the original artwork. We do so to provide you with an authentic reproduction of the artwork, without having to crop or distort the natural composition of the print to fit standard sizes.


How do I know the artworks are authentic?

Original artworks are shipped to you directly from the artist’s studio. The artwork will have the artist’s physical signature on it, and it will come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by both the artist and the Founder of Fount art.textile. Our limited edition prints are legitimate, digital reproductions of our artists’ work. Our artists have given full consent to create the limited edition prints, which come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Founder of Fount art.textile. 


What is a textile?

A textile is made of fibre materials, such as wool, flax, cotton, linen, hemp, among others. These materials are bound together, through the process of weaving, to create cloth or fabric. Our textile designers use this cloth or fabric as a surface to hand paint or digital print their artistic patterns. Once their art is on the fabric, it is crafted by hand to create a tangible, functional product.


Why do the textile products take 3-6 weeks to ship?

Our textile products are individually made-to-order from our designers’ studios. Since the textile products are shipped to us from designers around the world, it can take up to 2-3 weeks for the designer to create the product and send it to our studio. We state that shipping will take 3-6 weeks to allow for any delays in the international exchange between us and the textile designer.


Are any of the artworks framed?

If an original artwork is framed, it will be specified on the product detail page. All limited edition prints are shipped unframed.


Do you offer a framing service?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer a framing service. However, be sure to check back in the near future!


How will my artwork be shipped?

Our limited edition prints are wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and safely shipped via tracked Royal Mail in a custom made art tube. Original artworks are shipped directly from the artist’s studio. The artist is responsible for the secure packaging of the work. The courier service used for the original artwork will vary depending on where the artist is located, the size and weight of the artwork and where it is shipped to. For more information on shipping original artwork, please feel free to email us.


When will my artwork arrive?

Limited edition prints are printed from our studio once a week, typically on Mondays. Once the print is shipped, please allow 5-7 business days for orders placed within the United Kingdom and Europe, and 10-14 business days for all international orders. Due to the circumstantial nature of our original artworks, arrival times can vary. Please contact us regarding any queries about your original artwork.  


What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

Original artworks and limited edition prints can be returned and fully refunded up to seven days after confirmed delivery. Textile products can be returned and fully refunded up to fourteen days after confirmed delivery. Please note that you will be responsible for paying the return packaging and shipping costs. For more information about our returns policy, click here.


What if my parcel is missing?

If you experience any complications with your order, please email us immediately at, and we will personally get in touch with you. Please note that if the item is declared “delivered” by the courier service, then it is at the disposal of the courier service as we are unable to recover the missing item. 


Will you be adding more artists and designers to the website?

Of course! We exhibit new visual artists and textile designers on our Instagram and Facebook page every month (@Fountart). A selection of these artists will also be showcased on our website, where you can view their own artist page and purchase their work. Make sure to check back from time to time.


Can I support an artist/designer without purchasing a product?

Yes, you can donate to any of our artists and designers on their personal pages on the site.  At the bottom of each page is a donate button which allows you to donate money towards the artist’s supplies, production costs, packaging materials and studio expenses.


How much of this donation is received by the artist?

100% of the donation is given to the artist. There are different monetary options to choose from, or you can set your own individual amount.