Mathilde Steullet is a collage artist and set designer from Nantes, France currently working in Paris. Having studied Set Design and Urban Sustainability at l’Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique, Mathilde challenges the structural elements of her everyday surroundings through black and white, digitally manipulated images. Her work reinterprets reality by pushing the spatial boundaries of architecture and human form, bringing the viewer into a funky dimension of contorted shape and texture. Largely influenced by space, buildings, the human body and fashion design, Mathilde’s collages celebrates and fuses these themes to create a surrealistic viewing experience. It’s a fresh approach on the bizarre, bringing in digital form and encouraging spatial and societal analysis.

As an artist, what inspires me is the graphic world, geometric shapes, spatial order, the universe, architecture, and most of all, the simplistic beauty of the things that surround us. I am also wildly fascinated by the fashion world. I love the various lines, the cuts in the garments, and the textures mixed with the staging and dramatization of the body.
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