Pose Pose Introduction

Posé Posê is a contemporary textile brand crafted by the visionary duo Sisse and Martyna in Copenhagen, Denmark. Over the last three years, Sisse and Martyna have manifested a tactile language through their joint mission for craftsmanship and sustainability, creating ethical, lasting and beloved textile products. Focussing on hand tufted rugs and cushions that are made of high quality post-production yarn, Posé Posê prioritises ethical sustainability in the repurposed materials that they use. They combine responsible production with their playfully colourful aesthetics and love for colours and textures to bring Posé Posê to life. Asymmetrical and eclectic, Posé Posê is a welcomed, funky addition to any space.

Pose Pose Designer
In our work, understanding the production technology inspires our design process and goes hand in hand with sketching ideas and playing around with colours and materials
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