Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and now based in London, Florencia Magallanes integrates illustrative painting and the human consciousness in colourful, digital renditions.  Using her tablet and Photoshop, Florencia creates intimate portraits of herself, friends and perfect strangers to explore more deeply how each and every one of us perceive sexuality, eroticism and everyday human behaviours in today’s world. Her work intentionally plays on subliminal messages and the untold narrative to explore the subconscious of both her subject and the viewer. By bringing us in to the personal, vulnerable space of her subjects, Florencia challenges societal taboos and indulges in a new psychological attitude towards gender roles, sexual pleasure and emotional intimacy.

I find inspiration in many aspects of life, from human behaviours and social dynamics to the aesthetic appreciation of light and texture. I like to think of my artistic practice as a constant study of this side of our existence and an explorative approach into the subconscious or the altered consciousness.
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