Born in 1989 London, Charles Simmonds is a multidisciplinary artist specialising in painting, drawing, photography and writing. Now based in Berlin, Charles channels all aspects of what interests him (or what he refers to as "pulls at his soul’s strings”) into his work. From ancient philosophy, science, history, astronomy, deep space, the human form, inner and outer human interactions, to universal emotion, Charles fills his artworks with flowing prose and humorous observations on conscious and subconscious experiences. He entwines gestural strokes, abstract figures and literary etchings to embody his interpretation of reality: a solitary insanity in the awareness of all things being obscurely painful and beautiful.

I think what makes an artist an artist is that
sense of paying attention to the intuitive playfulness within. We must observe both the outer and inner worlds and interact with them. By doing so, one can start to live and breath art in every moment and feel inspired by all of the universally poetic concepts swimming constantly around us.
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