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 Stoff Studios is a southeast London-based design studio formed by textile designer Carys Briggs and furniture designer Andrew Mason. In 2015, the pair began making bespoke prints on experimental pieces of furniture using the traditional method of hand-painted textiles. Stoff Studios produces their distinctly refined, gestural designs on fabric, textiles, wallpapers and furniture and focuses on quality small batch collections to emphasize their studied design process and love for well crafted material. Using unconventional, natural materials and dyes, Stoff Studios design, print and assemble all of their products entirely in-house. Their creative focus is to fuse meticulous craftsmanship and intimate tactility to provide a product made for touch and for love.

We would love to attract people who enjoy the tactility and small details of our pieces. They’re made to be loved and touched and, we think, improve the more they’re used.
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